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2014 Winter Classic tickets are a great gift for the holidays! The most celebrated regular season game is the Winter Classic and the show will be bigger than ever in 2013. The Detroit Red Wings do battle with the Toronto Maple Leafs on New Years Day in the Big House. All eyes will be on Ann Arbor as the Winter Classic will feature a Canadian franchise for the first time. Hockey fans everywhere are fired up for this yearly outdoor showdown! Buy Winter Classic tickets from Bubba today!

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The buzz is getting louder and louder each day about this year's Winter Classic. The event is played outside and is held at large sporting venues. Fans pack the stadiums to witness this unique once a year matchup. This year the Detroit Red Wings will host the Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The Winter Classic is an exciting annual NHL event held on or around New Year's Day. Most hockey games are held in closed indoor arenas. Since the game is played outdoors, it is a celebration of hockey in its purest form. The first Winter Classic was held in 2008, and frenzied fans have been coming back year after year. 2013 Winter Classic tickets are in high demand!

Some younger fans witness this event and are prompted to get their start in youth hockey leagues. Fathers bring their daughters, whole families attend - long time hockey fans, and new fans to the Winter Classic as well. What better way to spend a winter evening than to be a part of a classic game of hockey in its original form.

The game will be broadcast live on NBC in the U.S. and CBC and RDS in Canada. Sirius XM Satellite Radio will provide radio coverage, with also providing extensive digital video coverage.

The NHL Winter Classic is approaching fast, so if you want to see two teams crash and smash under the lights in a playoff-like atmosphere, make sure you get your tickets now. Don't miss this special event! 

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