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About Bubba

Born the son of a farmer, Bubba grew up just north of the Little Calumet River near Chicago in a town called Arcadian. His given name was Knavish (pronounced Nave-ish) Cypher. And anyone born with the name Knavish could use a nickname.

Most people would associate the nickname Bubba with someone from the southern states, but believe it or not the nickname Bubba was quite popular in the Chicago area in the early 1960s. Bubba's folks Wily (pronounced Why-lee) and Audrey often noted the gentleness of the overgrown tyke. Adorable as a young child, Bubba grew up to be a good ole boy. So, today the nickname still fits this entrepreneur, who overcame the odds of not being a fine tuned city boy to become a successful businessman.

Bubba loved sports as a kid and he and Wily occasionally traveled into the Windy City to watch his hero Gayle Sayers and his beloved Chicago Bears. He would sit high atop Soldier Field with his daddy and cheer from a distance for his hero and team with hopes of a victory. He often wondered how people were able to sit closer than he and Wily did at the games? After all, his daddy was a well respected hard working farmer, who had been a Bears fan since Bubba could remember.

Bubba spent his days as a youngster helping Wily on the farm. As soon as he could steer a tractor, Bubba would often take a John Deere with a load of grain up to the Indiana Harbor Railroad Station to help his daddy provide for his family. Wily had high hopes of Bubba someday going to college and becoming something great like the big city folks who sat much closer to the action at the games than he and his boy did!

In high school, Bubba became quite an athlete and led his team to a Regional Championship as a fullback and linebacker for the Knights of Arcadian. He was very well rounded and even developed a love of the arts. Bubba often attended shows with his momma in the historic Chicago Theater.

Audrey was a regular in the theatre balcony and enjoyed many years of shows and live entertainment. Bubba was in awe of all the folks that were close to the stage in an area they called the Director's Circle. One of Bubba's future goals was to find a way to get his daddy a 50 yard line seat to see the Bears and to put his momma in the Director's Circle. In order to do that Bubba would have to earn a scholarship to college because the price of grain had fallen and his folks were struggling to make ends meet.

The trips to Soldier Field and the Chicago Theater were becoming far less frequent and Bubba felt bad for Wily and Audrey. Bubba earned a scholarship to play football at Lincoln Park College where he studied Marketing. He graduated with his degree in 1984 and worked hard in several sales and marketing positions to someday go into business on his own.

In 2002, Bubba finally decided to give his business idea a shot and started buying and selling tickets to anyone that loved to go to the theatre and sports events. Bubba knew this would also be the way to get his folks the tickets they'd longed for. These tickets would allow Wily and Audrey to sit close to the action.

Still not reaching his potential, Bubba had yet another idea to help achieve his goal! Known as a crafty fella, Bubba was going to turn an old outhouse on the farm into a ticket shack and invite people from all around to come buy his tickets. Living rather close to the city, he knew many folks from Chicago would come out to the farm to check out his shack full of tickets! Bubba is doing well now and his folks have had their chance to see the events they love up close to the action. Bubba is no longer just a Bears fan but a fan of all events because his idea has paid off! Wily and Audrey have remodeled the grain farm into a Bed and Breakfast and Bubba has built a place of his own down by the old grain silo.

Today you can still spot the old John Deere tilling the Cypher's pepper garden as Wily has started selling his famous pepper butter to anyone that loves hot peppers. Sounds like his daddy may be remodeling the other outhouse on the farm soon to take his business to the next level!

Bubba is now regarded as one of the most eligible bachelors in the rural Chicago area.

Stay tuned and remember when you are looking for theatre tickets, sports events tickets and concert tickets, come see Bubba!

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"I was able to get my Longhorn tickets an hour before the game and pick them up at Will Call..thanks Bubba!"

- Tom W, Austin
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