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Comedy Central funny man Daniel Tosh hits the stage in Las Vegas at the Mirage in October and November. The Daniel Tosh Tour ends in Stateline, NV on 12/15. Tosh joins special guest Kyle Kilnane to deliver his hilarity to fans that love his take on life. His national stand-up tour tickets are in high demand. Tosh.O delivers comedy in a way all of us normal people can appreciate. Twenty Twelve Tour tickets are available for all dates below. Buy Tosh.O tickets from Bubba today!

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The Daniel Tosh Tour continues at the end of the month of October for ten stops. Most of the West German born comedian's shows are in Nevada for the remainder of Twenty Twelve. Tosh.O will also spend a couple of nights performing at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. Tosh.O tickets are available from Bubba today for all of these shows.

Over 6 million people follow this Comedy Central funnyman on Twitter. Tosh built his audience from his sarcastic borderline offensive humor. Not to long after graduating from the University of Central Florida in 1996, the marketing major started trying his act in the Comedy Club circuit. Not until he appeared as a guest on David Letterman in 2001, did Tosh become a star.

Tosh eventually became the spokesman for Taco Bell and on June 5, 2009 Comedy Central aired the first episode of his hit TV show Tosh.O. He often pushes the envelope as far as he is permitted with his use of racism and other controversial topics. Tosh.0 is rated higher than both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, two well known Comedy Central shows. His 2.2 million viewers make him No. 1 on the channel.

Daniel Tosh claims he will retire in May of 2013 on his 38th birthday. His website, has a clock counting down the days by the hour. With a net worth of around $6.5 million, he will probably need to keep working to afford a girlfriend. 

He also likes to keep track of his Miami Dolphins in his spare time and jokes quite often about them winning the Super Bowl. 

Tosh is active in fundraising and has helped with raising money for the state of Alabama's disaster relief program.

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