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Wicked tickets can be hard to come by, especially on Broadway. It is no secret why people love the show. An amazing plot, Wicked is the untold story of the Witches of Oz. The music is wonderful and audiences cannot help but fall in love with Elphaba, the Green Witch. Wicked is now the 10th longest running show on Broadway. Coming soon to cities that New Orleans, Dallas and San Francisco. Of course, the show is playing year round on Broadway. Discount Wicked Tickets are available daily right up until the show. No matter where you travel to see this unique production be sure and buy your Wicked tickets from Bubba today!

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Wicked is the best selling show in the history of Broadway. Wicked the Musical has an amazing cast and a plot with more twists and turns than Dorothy took when the tornado hit Kansas.

The story is brilliantly written about the Witches of Oz. Elphaba, the "Green Witch" is initially judged by the color of her skin and not her personality. She was actually conceived during an affair her mother was involved in with a traveling salesman. The mother drank green elixer quite frequently and this caused her baby to be born green. Glinda, the "Good Witch" (or Galinda as she is often called) brings the whole dumb blonde stereotype to life as she makes the audience laugh by saying outlandish comments throughout the show. 

The two girls become best friends but are seperated by a joint affection for a college male friend named Fiyero. The show is filled with wonderful music and is based off of Gregory Maguire's novel 'Wicked', that was published in 1995.
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When Wicked was originally on tour in LA, former American Idol standout Adam Lambert was a member of the cast. The touring cast is very talented, producing the same level of enjoyment for the paying customer that one would receive by attending the event in New York City. Expect to pay around $135 per ticket to see the show on Broadway for Wicked NYC or for the Wicked tour. Buy your Wicked tickets from Bubba today!