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The Ravens were founded by Art Modell, when he decided to relocate the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore. After a long controversy with the NFL, the Cleveland representatives succeeded in keeping the name, colors, and franchise history for the Browns in Cleveland. It became necessary for Modell’s team to begin a new franchise and thus the Baltimore Ravens were born.

A rocky start for the Ravens necessitated a change in head coach which boosted their rankings significantly, but not enough to make it to the playoffs. In March of 2000, Art Modell sold his new franchise to Steve Biscotti.

The 2000, season saw the Ravens defense led by Marvin Lewis develop into one of the most formidable defensive lines in NFL history and the Ravens set a new NFL record for holding opposing teams to 165 total points.

For the 2009 season, the Ravens held the 26th pick in the draft and selected Michael Oher in the first round and they look to make it past the AFC title this year. You know Oher from the award winning movie, "Blindside".

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