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The 14th Annual Latin Grammy Awards are set for November 11, 2013. The awards will take place in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay in the Events Center. The Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences will determine who the top achievers are in the music business. The awards are given for music in several languages and decided be music industry peers. The primary language of the recordings are Spanish and Portugese.

The Academy was formed in 1997 and has held a ceremony since that time. Over 45 Latin Grammys will be given out in November 2013.

Similar Categories exist for the Latin Grammy 2013 Awards such as Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Best New Artist and Song of the Year among others. New combined categories such as Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album, Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album, Best Pop/Rock Album and Best Tropical Fusion Album will be handed out this year and replace old categories. 

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