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The not so new hit play, Glengarry Glen Ross, will take the stage in the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in 2012. Featuring a solid cast of stars, the Tony Award winning play will be sure to sell out. Tickets are available today and last minute tickets will be conveniently located for pick up the day of the production. See who could win a new Cadillac, a set of steak knives or who gets fired in this crowd pleasing performance. Buy tickets right now and assure yourself the best seats in the theater. Get your Glengarry Glen Ross Broadway tickets from Bubba today!

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When theater goers show up for the 2012 revival of the Tony Award winning play Glengarry Glen Ross, the house is in for a treat. The cast is headlined by none other than Al Pacino. 

Pacino was nominated for his 7th Academy Award for playing the much more fiesty role of Ricky Roma in the 1992 on screen version of the show. Pacino will play the past his sell-by date salesman, Shelly Levene, who can no longer live up to his nickname, The Machine.

The newer generation Roma will be played by Two-time Tony nominee Bobby Cannavale. Roma is a sales rockstar enjoying success while his co-workers ride the real estate rollercoaster.

Director Daniel Sullivan will benefit from his all star cast which also includes hit TV series actor John C. McGinley of Scrubs. McGinley will play Dave Moss, who has a mouth much bigger than his paycheck.

Set in a Chinese restaurant and then a Chicago real estate office, this play is not for those who are offended by foul language.

The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre will be showing the Pulitzer Prize winning drama, written by David Mamet, starting in October 2012. Mamet celebrates the 30th anniversary of writing the play this year.

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