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A wide variety of tickets are available for Carmen performances in New York City and Verona. This show has toured the United States and in 2011 was in San Francisco. Carmen Opera has been shown around the world for over a hundred and thirty years. What is stopping you from seeing this classical masterpiece? Get your tickets today and see what you have been missing for over a Century. All dates are available by searching the venues below. Buy Carmen Opera tickets every day at Bubbas Got Tickets.

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Richard Eyre, the English born director, told the media he wanted his version of Carmen to leave his audience shocked. Eyre said he wanted the opera Carmen to touch them in a way the original producton did not. Mission accomplished. Eyre introduced an essentially traditional Carmen, but by changing details he brings a raw quality that unleashes the soul of Carmen. The show has achieved a success that wasn't predicted when the production dawned the Metropolitan in 2009. Eyre's third opera is a masterpiece. Don't miss this amazing show!

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