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The Michigan State Spartans are coming off a blow-out win against Central Michigan, and also wins over Youngstown State and Florida Alantic. The Spartans are 3-1 and will play three current ranked teams before the end of the season, which could help get them into a race for the Big Ten title.

Michigan State Spartans football could definitely be in the hunt with all of the other Big ten teams beating up on each other. The Spartans still have to play #19 Michigan, #7 Wisconsin, #8 Nebraska. All three teams are in the conference and all three teams are aiming for a shot at the national championship. Michigan State could be the team that flies under the radar.

The Spartans have one major stat going for them. They are ranked #8 for "points against" with 11 per game. This defense obviously knows how to get the job done. They struggle slightly with the run, but are above average with the passing attack.

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