Oh No, Not Another Ripoff Ticket Website


I commented on a friends facebook page about a political topic last week and instead of receiving a reply to my comment, I received a message in my facebook message box that said, “Oh no, not another ripoff ticket website.”

Now, I didn’t recognize the sender at first as this individual is not my friend. But I have to admit, I was really perplexed over this message. I peeled back the layers of my brain to think of who this person might be and why this individual would make a personal attack on our ticket business? I decided to check for mutual friends with my friend who had posted the political topic earlier that morning.

Bingo! The person that messaged me was a friend of the guy that had the political post I commented on earlier that day. I immediately sent a message to our mutual friend and told him that I had been messaged by his friend and was not pleased with the personal attack on our business. I also blocked the person I did not know, so he could not have any further communication with me.

Our mutual friend responded and said many things including this comment about the offender, “He is a peace loving Buddhist and that is way out of character for him.”

Now this made me chuckle as I have never really envisioned a “peace loving Buddhist”. Mainly because I have no friends that I know of that practice Buddhism. So, I then responded back to my friend and agreed not to respond to the attacker. This incident, however, concerned me enough that I want to address the message I received that day.

Let me first say that BubbasGotTickets.com has never “ripped off” anyone. People have purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tickets from us and we have never heard anyone say that they have gotten ripped off.

We know that we are not always the least expensive route for ticket buyers, but we also know as I mentioned in an the earlier post, Tickets Now?, that we can also be a lot less expensive than the primary seller.

People use a site like ours to find sold out and hard to get tickets to sporting events, concerts and the theater. Those individuals are willing to pay an amount equal to what they feel the experience is worth to attend their particular event.

BubbasGotTickets.com is a much safer way to purchase tickets vs buying them from a scalper, on Craigslist or from eBay. Do a Google search and read some of the nightmare stories of people who paid large amounts of money for fraudulent tickets. Many of those people never recovered their funds.

So how do you know we are a legit way to get tickets to an upcoming event? The best way for you to verify our website is to scroll to the very bottom of our pages in the footer and hover over our Trust Guard Certificate. On the certificate, you will find our address and the phone number to customer service. You can also Google Trust Guard and read about their Verification Process. Our customer service email is: customersupport@bubbasgottickets.com and can be found in the Contact Us section of our website, which is on the left side of every page at the very bottom under the heading, “Links”.

We want our customers to feel confident when they shop with us. Bubba wants you to know that we would never rip you or anyone you know off. We want to provide you with great seats at a fair market price.

I hope this helps alleviate the concern of being “another ripoff website”!

I can honestly say, that even though I may be shaped like Buddha, I obviously don’t follow the practices of at least one person that subscribes to his teachings!