Bowl-ing for Dollars; Projected Payouts and Ticket Prices


Headed to a college bowl game in beginning of January 2013? Here is a breakdown of seven popular college football bowl games including the five BCS Bowls. Included are the projected payouts for these games and what people are paying for a ticket over the last month on the secondary market.

1. BCS National Championship  1/7 @ 8pm, Miami, FL – #1 Notre Dame vs. #2 Alabama

BCS National Championship Game payout – $21.2 million

BCS tickets –  $1,956.51 each (400 level)

BCS parking cost – $91.96

2. Fiesta Bowl 1/3 @ 6:30pm, Glendale, AZ – #5 Kansas State vs. #4 Oregon

Fiesta Bowl payout – $17 million

Fiesta Bowl tickets – $197.35 each (400 level)

Fiesta Bowl parking cost – $78.31

3. Sugar Bowl 1/2 @ 7:30pm, New Orleans, LA – #3 Florida vs. #21 Louisville

Sugar Bowl payout – $17 million

Sugar Bowl tickets – $132.24 each (100 level)

Sugar Bowl parking cost – $41.00

4. Orange Bowl 1/1 @ 8pm, Miami, FL – #12 Florida State vs. #15 Northern Illinois

Orange Bowl payout – $17 million

Orange Bowl tickets – $46.44 (100 level)

Orange Bowl parking – $23.67

5. Rose Bowl 1/1 @1:30pm, Pasadena, CA – #6 Stanford vs. Wisconsin

Rose Bowl payout – $17 million

Rose Bowl tickets – $278.65 (field level)

Rose Bowl parking – $111.18

6. Capital One Bowl 1/1 @ 1pm, Orlando, FL – #7 Georgia vs. #16 Nebraska

Capital One Bowl payout – $4.55 million

Capital One Bowl tickets – $93.93 (100 level)

Capital One parking – unknown

7. Cotton Bowl 1/4 @ 7pm, Dallas, TX – #9 Texas A&M vs. #11 Oklahoma

Cotton Bowl payout – $7.25 million

Cotton Bowl tickets - $282.81 (400 level)

Cotton Bowl parking – unknown

Tickets Now?


I often get asked the question when a person should buy tickets to an event? My answer could be much different depending on the event.

If you are buying tickets to a concert, it is probably a good idea to wait until a week to two before. But just today I checked prices for a friend on Jason Aldean tickets to the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and found that seats for the show on 9/7 actually went up since a couple of weeks ago when we last spoke. I could not possibly know the price of every event we sell, there are just too many!

From my experience, the majority of tickets are at their highest price the when they go on sale. But I always like to say to my customers that tickets are like stocks, if the demand is up, so is the price. Industry wide price is driven by supply and demand. If something sells out in 10 minutes at Ticketmaster, chances are there will be a larger demand on the secondary market.

About a month ago, a first time buyer called me and wanted Cleveland Indians tickets. It was about 3:30pm on 8/9 and the Tribe was playing the Boston Red Sox at 7:05pm. He was surprised to see that the Indians tickets he was interested in were about $15 cheaper per ticket from our website. The new customer purchased five tickets and picked them up at Will Call. The seats also had $2 of Indians fun money on them, which can be used to buy food or souvenirs at the ballpark. So, the buyer saved $75 and got $10 worth of free food. I am certain the savings paid for his gas and food his family consumed that evening. I guess it became kind of an all-inclusive trip to the stadium?  I am pretty sure he will purchase again!

In the ten years I have followed the secondary ticket market I have seen various trends, but unless the tickets are for a major sporting event, a rare concert appearance by an artist or someone is touring for the first time, you can usually get cheaper tickets and have a bigger variety of seats from a broker immediately before the event. You can pick where you sit for a price. For most fans, this is a welcome option.

Now before I was a ticket re-seller, I used to scalp tickets at the stadium occasionally. This practice is too risky in 2012 as too many fans have been sold bogus tickets and been ripped off. With your seats are 100% guaranteed. If we don’t produce, you get your money back.

One of my friends told me a horror story about buying BCS Bowl tickets to the Ohio State Buckeyes vs Florida game a few years ago on eBay and losing $5000. The person took his money but never delivered the tickets. It was an extremely painful experience for him, as the inconvenience of all the calls and emails he had to make to eBay, the police and the scam artist took hours costing him even more money. That will never happen on our site.

I guess determining if you should buy tickets now or closer to the time of the event is really not easy. I will always be willing to help my customers find the tickets they want and try to make sure they get some kind of discount. We have many specials running right now. Check the website for details!

If you are in the market for any event email me personally I will try to help you determine the right time to pull the trigger. Got tickets?