Bowl-ing for Dollars; Projected Payouts and Ticket Prices


Headed to a college bowl game in beginning of January 2013? Here is a breakdown of seven popular college football bowl games including the five BCS Bowls. Included are the projected payouts for these games and what people are paying for a ticket over the last month on the secondary market.

1. BCS National Championship  1/7 @ 8pm, Miami, FL – #1 Notre Dame vs. #2 Alabama

BCS National Championship Game payout – $21.2 million

BCS tickets –  $1,956.51 each (400 level)

BCS parking cost – $91.96

2. Fiesta Bowl 1/3 @ 6:30pm, Glendale, AZ – #5 Kansas State vs. #4 Oregon

Fiesta Bowl payout – $17 million

Fiesta Bowl tickets – $197.35 each (400 level)

Fiesta Bowl parking cost – $78.31

3. Sugar Bowl 1/2 @ 7:30pm, New Orleans, LA – #3 Florida vs. #21 Louisville

Sugar Bowl payout – $17 million

Sugar Bowl tickets – $132.24 each (100 level)

Sugar Bowl parking cost – $41.00

4. Orange Bowl 1/1 @ 8pm, Miami, FL – #12 Florida State vs. #15 Northern Illinois

Orange Bowl payout – $17 million

Orange Bowl tickets – $46.44 (100 level)

Orange Bowl parking – $23.67

5. Rose Bowl 1/1 @1:30pm, Pasadena, CA – #6 Stanford vs. Wisconsin

Rose Bowl payout – $17 million

Rose Bowl tickets – $278.65 (field level)

Rose Bowl parking – $111.18

6. Capital One Bowl 1/1 @ 1pm, Orlando, FL – #7 Georgia vs. #16 Nebraska

Capital One Bowl payout – $4.55 million

Capital One Bowl tickets – $93.93 (100 level)

Capital One parking – unknown

7. Cotton Bowl 1/4 @ 7pm, Dallas, TX – #9 Texas A&M vs. #11 Oklahoma

Cotton Bowl payout – $7.25 million

Cotton Bowl tickets - $282.81 (400 level)

Cotton Bowl parking – unknown

Discount Tickets? Who really has the best ticket prices?


If you have done a Google search for Justin Bieber tickets, Laker tickets or any other event tickets you know that there are many websites to buy tickets from. At first glance it is a little overwhelming to see all of the different sites that pop up when you get your search results.

At the top of the page you usually see at least three advertisements in a pink box, to the right there are even more ads and then below the pink box are the natural results. Google puts search results in the order of most relevant to your search according to Google’s criteria(whatever that really is?). Website owners spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to advertise and get to the top of the page naturally. Does this really matter to your bank account? Probably not!

What really matters to most people searching for tickets is where they can find the best deal. So, let’s do an apples to apples comparison of the sites you may see on the pages of Google and see who really has the best ticket prices?

We have selected four popular sites to include in the ticket price comparison. We were going to include as the 5th website, but you have to be a member to check prices on this site. No thanks!

Here are some of the most popular events and what four different websites will charge you for a pair of tickets to go to these events. The location of the tickets that are being compared are close to what the average ticket costs to attend the event. Price shown is for 2 tickets with a discount, if one is offered. Tickets are same venue, same date and are in the same exact location. Best price available is in BOLD.


Book of Mormon Broadway tickets – Average ticket = $258.22 (Front Mezzanine Row B)

Stubhub – 2 x $244.00 = $488.00 + $48.80 fee + 16.95 standard shipping = $553.75         No discount offered.

TicketNetwork – 2 x $213.00 = $426.00 + $78.82 fee + $15 standard shipping = $519.82     Discount after purchasing first item is $20.00 on future order.

Bubba’sGotTickets – 2 x $213.00 = $426.00 + $76.68 fee + $15 standard shipping = $517.00         After $25.13 discount = $491.87 Use discount code: SAVE

TicketZoom – 2 x $200 = $400.00 + $92.00 fee + $15 standard shipping = $507.00        After $8.00 discount code = $499.00 Discount code: SAVE


Justin Bieber tickets – Average ticket = $329.60 (220 Row 18)

Stubhub – 2 x $274.00 = $548.00 + $54.80 fee + 16.95 standard shipping = $619.75         No discount offered.

TicketNetwork – 2 x $266.00 = $532.00 + $98.42 fee + $15 standard shipping = $645.42     Discount after purchasing first item is $20.00 on future order.

Bubba’sGotTickets – 2 x $266.00 = $532.00 + $95.76 fee + $15 standard shipping = $642.76         After $31.39 discount = $611.37 Use discount code: SAVE

TicketZoom – 2 x $250 = $500.00 + $115.00 fee + $15 standard shipping = $630.00        After $10.00 discount code = $620.00 Discount code: SAVE


Laker tickets – Average ticket = $129.94 (208 Row 9)

Stubhub – 2 x $114.00 = $228.00 + $22.80 fee + 16.95 standard shipping = $267.75         No discount offered.

TicketNetwork – 2 x $106.00 = $212.00 + $39.22 fee + $15 standard shipping = $266.22     Discount after purchasing first item is $20.00 on future order.

Bubba’sGotTickets – 2 x $106.00 = $212.00 + $38.16 fee + $15 standard shipping = $265.16         After $12.51 discount = $252.65 Use discount code: SAVE

TicketZoom – 2 x $100 = $200.00 + $46.00 fee + $15 standard shipping = $261.00        After $4.00 discount code = $257.00 Discount code: SAVE


The comparison of these four ticket websites found to be the least expensive. This was an apples to apples comparison. Ticket buyers are encouraged to compare ticket prices on these sites, use available discount codes and to look at the final price before purchasing. Below is a summary of each site and what the sites really offer.

Stubhub uses a cartoon looking tree they call “Ticket Oak” and claim they have “Solid Deals” but we could find no discount code for the site. Stubhub does offer a rewards program that offers 2% for every eligible purchase. This is not a significant discount and in fact has several restrictions. Stubhub Fan Rewards Program

TicketNetwork offers a code for $20 on a future purchase, but under certain conditions. The initial order has to be over $250.00 to be eligible not including fees and shipping.

BubbasGotTickets offers several discount codes. The discount code: SAVE can be used on any purchase and has no restriction on the purchase amount and can save ticket buyers a significant amount.

TicketZoom claims in almost every pay per click ad to save 75% off purchases and up to $100 when in fact their discount code: SAVE only actually offered a savings of $10 on a $630 purchase.

Book of Mormon Musical: A Year and a Half Later


When The Book of Mormon first hit the stage on Broadway in February of 2011, theater goers were not sure what to expect? Neither were many people involved with the production with the exception of writer’s Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Stone and Parker, also the creators of South Park, are known for their twisted take on religion as evident in their Comedy Central hit, which is now in it’s 16th season. Many said the new musical would offend the Mormons and others said it would cause protests outside of the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. Stone and Parker said it would be cool and it was “cool”, very cool! The Mormons pretty much said it was a funny take on their beliefs but not accurate.

Nine months after the productions debut, investors recovered the $11.4 million they put up in good faith. On 9/2/2012, The Book of Mormon broke a house record for the 40th time with weekly revenue of $1,667,593. As of 9/30/2012, the production had gross revenue totaling over $114 million. This is through 662 shows with 723,091 Book of Mormon tickets sold. The production could be on it’s way to being the No. 1 show of all time.

The “King” of Broadway productions is none other than The Lion King. The production started in 1997 and became the all-time leading revenue producer earlier this year passing The Phantom of the Opera. As of 9/30/2012, The Lion King has grossed over $900 million.*

How does The Book of Mormon stack up to the Lion King through 18 months of productions? Very well indeed. The Book of Mormon through 78 weeks has grossed over $104 million vs The Lion King’s first year and a half of $63.5 million. But keep in mind the tickets to Book of Mormon cost more than they would have in 1997-98.

Book of Mormon tickets will continue to be in high demand. The recent launch of The Book of Mormon tour starting in Denver and now at the Pantages Theatre in LA opens up a whole new revenue stream for the creators, which also includes Avenue Q composer Robert Lopez.

Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad, the original Broadway leads who played Elder’s Kevin Price and Arnold Cunningham, have both already left the musical. Rannells is playing a lead role as one half of a gay couple on The New Normal on NBC. Gad recently voiced a role on Ice Age: Continental Drift. He is the new character, a molehog named Louis.

The rest of the cast of principal characters including Tony Award winning actress, Nikki M. James, can still be seen in the Eugene O’Neill Theatre.

Rannells and Gad showed up for the tour’s opening night in LA. Other Broadway notables in attendance were Idina Menzel and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Los Angeles will run the show through 11/25/2012 and then the cast is off to San Francisco, Chicago and numerous other cities.

Gavin Creel is playing Elder Price and former Broadway understudy, Jared Gertner, is currently in the role of Arnold Cunningham on the Book of Mormon tour. The tour is currently scheduled through August of 2013.

It appears that people now not only know what to expect from this brilliant production, but fans of musicals everywhere are eagerly waiting to see this twisted masterpiece. You probably won’t ever find the show in Utah, but those who have seen The Book of Mormon musical know the All-American Prophet never made it to Salt Lake City!

* was a contributing source to this post.

Oh No, Not Another Ripoff Ticket Website


I commented on a friends facebook page about a political topic last week and instead of receiving a reply to my comment, I received a message in my facebook message box that said, “Oh no, not another ripoff ticket website.”

Now, I didn’t recognize the sender at first as this individual is not my friend. But I have to admit, I was really perplexed over this message. I peeled back the layers of my brain to think of who this person might be and why this individual would make a personal attack on our ticket business? I decided to check for mutual friends with my friend who had posted the political topic earlier that morning.

Bingo! The person that messaged me was a friend of the guy that had the political post I commented on earlier that day. I immediately sent a message to our mutual friend and told him that I had been messaged by his friend and was not pleased with the personal attack on our business. I also blocked the person I did not know, so he could not have any further communication with me.

Our mutual friend responded and said many things including this comment about the offender, “He is a peace loving Buddhist and that is way out of character for him.”

Now this made me chuckle as I have never really envisioned a “peace loving Buddhist”. Mainly because I have no friends that I know of that practice Buddhism. So, I then responded back to my friend and agreed not to respond to the attacker. This incident, however, concerned me enough that I want to address the message I received that day.

Let me first say that has never “ripped off” anyone. People have purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tickets from us and we have never heard anyone say that they have gotten ripped off.

We know that we are not always the least expensive route for ticket buyers, but we also know as I mentioned in an the earlier post, Tickets Now?, that we can also be a lot less expensive than the primary seller.

People use a site like ours to find sold out and hard to get tickets to sporting events, concerts and the theater. Those individuals are willing to pay an amount equal to what they feel the experience is worth to attend their particular event. is a much safer way to purchase tickets vs buying them from a scalper, on Craigslist or from eBay. Do a Google search and read some of the nightmare stories of people who paid large amounts of money for fraudulent tickets. Many of those people never recovered their funds.

So how do you know we are a legit way to get tickets to an upcoming event? The best way for you to verify our website is to scroll to the very bottom of our pages in the footer and hover over our Trust Guard Certificate. On the certificate, you will find our address and the phone number to customer service. You can also Google Trust Guard and read about their Verification Process. Our customer service email is: and can be found in the Contact Us section of our website, which is on the left side of every page at the very bottom under the heading, “Links”.

We want our customers to feel confident when they shop with us. Bubba wants you to know that we would never rip you or anyone you know off. We want to provide you with great seats at a fair market price.

I hope this helps alleviate the concern of being “another ripoff website”!

I can honestly say, that even though I may be shaped like Buddha, I obviously don’t follow the practices of at least one person that subscribes to his teachings!


Christmas Events and Traditions


If you are like me you are always looking for fun things to do with the family around Christmas time. I really think Amy and I have treated the kids to a lot of great Christmas experiences.

One of our favorite things to do as a family is drive around in her van and look at Christmas lights. In order to get the full effect and of course hear the music, you have to roll the windows down. Did I forget to say turn the heat up first before rolling the windows down? lol

Our kids absolutely love Christmas. They get very fired up to see their friend Buddy the Elf show up in odd places every morning after returning from the North Pole during his nightly check-in with Santa Claus. Buddy is an Elf on the Shelf. Buddy makes snow angels out of sugar, leaves treats for the kids and reminds them to be good or else. Or else no gifts!

Our family uses the Santa tracker on Christmas Eve and leaves cookies out for the jolly old fella when he brings our gifts. Our stockings are stuffed with goodies and each child receives gifts in all the same wrapping paper so they know which presents are theirs. Kylie, Owen, Aidan & Makenna also get new pajamas every year. This particular gift is opened the night before Christmas, so the kids can wear their jammies down to open their presents.


Oh the Chandler’s find many fun things to do at Christmas time. My wife’s family has a tradition of making Santa cookies every year. The cookies are delicious and she shares with our friends but never lets anyone have the recipe. Ancient Chinese secret you know?!?!

One of the local live events we have watched is The Nutcracker at the Cleveland Playhouse. Our church musical at Trinity Lutheran Church comes complete with a full orchestra and is a must attend. On the TV, the movies Elf and A Christmas Story play non-stop in December at our house. I have my fill of both shows every year! Of course we would always like to venture out to see and do new things.

There are four Christmas shows I would like to see in 2012 that we have not seen yet and l am sure some of these shows are Christmas traditions for many families. Amy and I would love to take the kids to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Lost Christmas Eve, the B96 Jingle Bash in Chicago and Jim Brickman: On A Winter’s Night. Let’s take a closer look at these events and see how much a ticket costs to attend a performance.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular - Multiple Cities, 11/9 – 12/30

The Rockettes will be rocking the stages in St. Louis, Dallas, Nashville, Chicago & New York City with their annual Christmas extravaganza. Santa Claus will be coming to town and will be bringing the high stepping ladies and beautiful pageantry in this one of a kind Christmas celebration(Preview Show). What will it cost to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular 2012?

  • Average Ticket: $92.99
Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Lost Christmas Eve - Multiple Cities, 11/15 – 12/30

The electric sounds of this classical to heavy metal ensemble will travel east to west this winter. The Lost Christmas Eve will be revived from it’s initial 2004 introduction. TSO will bring the story to fans through an unmatched live performance on stage this Christmas season. So, what is the price of a Trans Siberian Orchestra Tour 2012 ticket?

  • Average Ticket: $96.36
B96 Jingle Bash - Chicago, December 2012

Last years show was amazing according to those in attendance. Enrique Iglesias, Jason Derulo and LMFAO were the stars of the event. This year fans may see One Direction, Pitbull or both artists. The date of the event and all performers will be announced shortly for the #1 winter party in Chicago . How much is a B96 Jingle Bash ticket?

  • Average Ticket: $178.48
2011 Jingle Bash
Jim Brickman: On A Winter’s Night - Multiple Cities, 11/2 – 12/31

A piano man like no other, Jim Brickman is the biggest revenue producing piano player in modern history. Brickman pours his soul into his music and captures the hearts of his listeners. He will perform On A Winters Night over 40 times this Christmas season. What does it cost for a Jim Brickman tour ticket?

  • Average Ticket: $69.00

Tickets Now?


I often get asked the question when a person should buy tickets to an event? My answer could be much different depending on the event.

If you are buying tickets to a concert, it is probably a good idea to wait until a week to two before. But just today I checked prices for a friend on Jason Aldean tickets to the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and found that seats for the show on 9/7 actually went up since a couple of weeks ago when we last spoke. I could not possibly know the price of every event we sell, there are just too many!

From my experience, the majority of tickets are at their highest price the when they go on sale. But I always like to say to my customers that tickets are like stocks, if the demand is up, so is the price. Industry wide price is driven by supply and demand. If something sells out in 10 minutes at Ticketmaster, chances are there will be a larger demand on the secondary market.

About a month ago, a first time buyer called me and wanted Cleveland Indians tickets. It was about 3:30pm on 8/9 and the Tribe was playing the Boston Red Sox at 7:05pm. He was surprised to see that the Indians tickets he was interested in were about $15 cheaper per ticket from our website. The new customer purchased five tickets and picked them up at Will Call. The seats also had $2 of Indians fun money on them, which can be used to buy food or souvenirs at the ballpark. So, the buyer saved $75 and got $10 worth of free food. I am certain the savings paid for his gas and food his family consumed that evening. I guess it became kind of an all-inclusive trip to the stadium?  I am pretty sure he will purchase again!

In the ten years I have followed the secondary ticket market I have seen various trends, but unless the tickets are for a major sporting event, a rare concert appearance by an artist or someone is touring for the first time, you can usually get cheaper tickets and have a bigger variety of seats from a broker immediately before the event. You can pick where you sit for a price. For most fans, this is a welcome option.

Now before I was a ticket re-seller, I used to scalp tickets at the stadium occasionally. This practice is too risky in 2012 as too many fans have been sold bogus tickets and been ripped off. With your seats are 100% guaranteed. If we don’t produce, you get your money back.

One of my friends told me a horror story about buying BCS Bowl tickets to the Ohio State Buckeyes vs Florida game a few years ago on eBay and losing $5000. The person took his money but never delivered the tickets. It was an extremely painful experience for him, as the inconvenience of all the calls and emails he had to make to eBay, the police and the scam artist took hours costing him even more money. That will never happen on our site.

I guess determining if you should buy tickets now or closer to the time of the event is really not easy. I will always be willing to help my customers find the tickets they want and try to make sure they get some kind of discount. We have many specials running right now. Check the website for details!

If you are in the market for any event email me personally I will try to help you determine the right time to pull the trigger. Got tickets?



Big Game? What’s a Ticket Cost?


You can find a gazillion articles all over the search engines about how much it costs for a ticket to the Super Bowl, but how about other major sporting events? Millions of fans attend sports contests every year and millions more watch them on television. People love sports! Let’s take a look at how many fans saw five of the biggest events in sports in 2012 and see the price of a ticket to attend those events in 2013.

Winter Classic - January 1, 2013 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

The Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs take the show outdoors on New Years Day in 2013. NBC is the television host and 3.74 million fans made the Winter Classic the #1 watched regular season hockey game in 2012. Almost 47,000 people attended the match-up at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. So, how much for 2013 Winter Classic tickets?

  • Cheap Ticket: $276.54 Section 31 Row 96
  • Average Ticket: $481.58 Section 6 Row 79

BCS National Championship Game - January 7, 2013 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

The BCS National Championship game will be aired on ESPN in 2013. 24.2 million viewers tuned into the television last year and over 78,000 attended the game. You are probably wondering which SEC team will win this year? Since 2006, the SEC has owned the National Championship game. How much are BCS Bowl tickets this year?

  • Cheap Ticket: $874.04 Section 452 Row 27
  • Average Ticket: $2,265.35 Lower Level Corner
A few of my tickets from big games.

NCAA Men’s Final Four - April 6 & 8, 2013 at Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

The NCAA signed a long-term agreement with CBS and TBS in 2010. 16.04 million viewers tuned into CBS and over 75,000 were at the Superdome in 2012. If you choose to make the trip to Atlanta in 2013, how much for Final Four tickets this year?

  • Cheap All Session Ticket: $587.30 Upper Bowl Baseline
  • Average All Session Ticket: $1622.22 Floor Baseline

Kentucky Derby - May 4, 2013 at Church Hill Downs in Louisville.

Okay, I know, you’re thinking…. “not a game”. Don’t tell that to the 165,307 that broke a record for attending the event in 2012. TV ratings were down slightly from 2011 with 6.93 million fans viewing the actual race part of the broadcast. The $187 million dollars bet on the race last year also was a record. I’ll Have Another carried jockey Mario Gutierrez across the finish line of the 2 kilometer jaunt in 2:01.83. Maybe that is why the race is called, ‘the fastest 2 minutes in sports’! How much for Kentucky Derby 2013 tickets?

  • Cheap Ticket: $368.58 Section 128 Row EE
  • Average Ticket: $1249.33 Section Turf Club Row Walks

Major League Baseball All Star Game - July 16, 2013 at Citi Field in Flushing Meadows.

The ratings for Fox were down for the second consecutive year with 10.1 million people watching the Major League Baseball All Star game in 2012. Almost 41,000 fans attended the game at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The American League is also looking to recover from consecutive losses in 2013. The Mid-Summer Classic is a high stakes game as the winner gets home field advantage in the World Series. Just how much will it cost to attend the MLB All Star game 2013?

  • Cheap Ticket: $575.08 Promenade Outfield
  • Average Ticket: $988.50 Outfield Reserve

*note all prices were at the time the post was written on 8/23/2012